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Interview Tips


  1. Smile during Interview, Good smile always please people. Smile is one of the things which may matter in your impression during interview.

  2. Do not forget for firm handshake when you attend any interview.

  3. Eye contact without glaring shows your confidence.

  4. Be ready to briefly describe your past experience, showing how it relates it the job.

  5. During interview time do not talk too much.

  6. Don’t interrupt to interviewer when he/she is talking.

  7. Always remember that communication is two-way.

  8. Avoid sounding as though you assume the job is yours.

  9. It is fine to ask about the package on offer and accommodation.

  10. It is important to listen to the question asked and answer that question.

  11. At some point during your interview, you’ll be asked whether you have any questions.

  12. Asking questions demonstrate your level of interest in the job, so be prepared with questions to ask, and jot some down during the interview. Your ability to ask straightforward, insightful questions lets the interviewer understand your perspective and concerns, as well as your judgment and analytical ability.

  13. You need to learn how to close your interview to win the job.

  14. Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information targeted towards the company needs, have your facts ready.

  15. When you attend for interview, Avoid negative comments about past employers.

  16. Evaluate/Review your interview’s strengths/weaknesses immediately after the interview. Be cooperative and enthusiastic.

    The above mentioned points are important to remember when you attend for Interview.